I option

I option This posture is the prevention of stress PriVO dyaschih thigh muscles (see ).

Proper positioning of the baby in her arms adult.

I option Proper positioning of the baby in her arms adult.

II option Massage and medical gymnastics Massage and therapeutic exercises are conducted on the basis of a fortifying complex present, and age-appropriate child development.

Features massage Employ more thorough and differentiated massage belt boundary region (stroking and rubbing), buttocks (stroking, pa erasing stimulating receptions - tingling fingers effleurage), the hip (circular stroking, rubbing).

Massage exercises alternated with therapeutic exercises.

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Then the valve slightly

Then the valve slightly Art.

exceed the level of pressure at which the brachial artery pulsation disappears.

Then the valve slightly opens, allowing the air out of the cuff, and a gradual reduction in pressure in the cuff.

Listening through stethoscope brachial artery in the crook of his elbow, mark the time of occurrence of sounds (on the scale of the tonometer it will match the systolic pressure) and their disappearance (it corresponds to the diastolic pressure).

Measurement errors can be caused by malfunction of the unit and violations of procedure.

To avoid errors devices are subject to periodic inspection.

Measurement errors can be associated with a change in the sound phenomena, auditioning in constricted arteries.

For example, sometimes the tones appeared on the level of systolic pressure, disappear, then reappear and disappear again at the level of diastolic pressure.

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The child

The child Disease begins acutely, with the increase in body temperature to 38-39 ° C, which is celebrated for 2-3 days.

Onset of the disease is accompanied by vomiting, loss of appetite, weakness, sleep disturbances, headaches and abdominal pain.

Chair quickens up to 10-15 times a day and quickly loses fecal character.

Chair wearing skimpy character with lots of greenery, and blood-streaked mucus.

The child complains of abdominal pain, cramping in nature and bearing false urge to defecate.

Severe acute form of the disease begins with fever up to 39 ° C and above, and quickly developing symptoms of toxicity.

From the first days of the disease pronounced symptoms of colon: chair frequent, up to 40-60 times a day, lean, no stool ("rectal spittle"), it contains mucus, pus and blood.

Child complains of persistent abdominal pain, cramping in nature and bearing false urge to defecate.

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Formulations containing

Formulations containing Meat should be in boiled form.

All products are introduced gradually.

For the mother, it is desirable conduct a food diary, with which she can easily track products, cause allergic reactions in children.

Antihistamines (tavegil soup grow n, ketotifen, etc.

) are assigned to courses for 7-10 days, more long-term administration of one drug is impractical.

Rational vitamin.

Children with diathesis prescribe vitamin B.

Good effect on dry eczema gives the administration of vitamin A.

In acute process shown application coenzymes: kokarboksilazy mononucleotide and riboflavin, and further successive courses pantetonata calcium (vitamin B), pangamat calcium (vitamin C), tocopherol ( vitamin E).

Enzyme preparations - mezim forte, festal, pancreatin.

Formulations containing lactose and bifidumbacteria (eubiotiki), given the fact that most allergens ingested with food.

Scientifically proven fact that a large percentage of children suffering from exudative catarrhal diathesis have a shift in the normal intestinal microflora (dysbiosis).

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Encourage your child

Encourage your childPut the baby on the chair and start to clean teeth with a soft brush. The best time for this procedure - after breakfast and before bedtime for minutes. Dispense a small amount of toothpaste on the brush in a circular motion and clean front and rear surfaces of the teeth. Make sure that the bristles reach the gums where the accumulated bacteria and removes plaque. Encourage your child to take responsibility for the cleaning of the teeth, as soon as he shows interest in the procedure. Use the reverse psychology, if he acts up, tell him he's just not ready yet, and you still have to do it for them!

High-tech dental care

In Unlike the days of your childhood or the childhood of your parents when you were using only a toothbrush for the entire presidential term, now you need to change the brush head every four to six months. Читать полностью -->

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